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Leon Hall deciding between Arizona Cardinals and Cin

The Arizona Cardinals are still looking for veteran help in the secondary, could it be on the way?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

There has been much speculation about Leon Hall and what his plans are, with the most recent news being his decision is coming down to the Arizona Cardinals and his former employer, the Cincinnati Bengals.

According to Jordan Raanan of, "Hall is likely to land with the Cardinals or re-sign with the Bengals."

This is a simple statement, but one that makes an interesting statement for the Arizona Cardinals.  There is a long standing belief that the Arizona Cardinals make an offer, and when that free agent leaves, the deal leaves as well.  Could it be that the Cardinals like Hall so much, or the idea of Hall as a Cardinal, that they let him leave to make a decision later on, while leaving the deal on the table?

Could it be Hall leveraging the Bengals for more money?  Could Hall be trying to leverage the Arizona Cardinals for more money?

All of this to say, if Hall is truly deciding between two teams, the Arizona Cardinals make more sense in the immediate.

While the Bengals have a young group corners in place, Arizona could use a veteran corner in the rotation to assist with the growth of the newly drafted and signed corners. Brandon Williams, Elie Bouka, and Harlan Miller do not exactly have a lot of reps under their belts. Not to say that later in 2016 and beyond they will not be excellent, but Hall would be the veteran presence that the team needs to take the pressure off of the rookies and a returning from injury Tyrann Mathieu.

Whether or not Arizona is closer than Cincinnati to a Super Bowl could be debated, Cardinals fans will always side with Arizona, but I think it would be clear Hall would have a more immediate impact as a starter/slot cornerback than in Cincinnati.