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Revenge of the Birds Moving Forward

A new site manager, new staff writers, but the same great Arizona Cardinals content

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome one and all to the slightly new Revenge of the Birds.

I have officially accepted the role as site editor for Revenge of the Birds and I am extremely excited to continue building on what Jess Root had created.  Not much will change from the past couple of weeks, or even couple of years, outside of me trying to bring along a little help.

We'll still be recording and posting the Rise Up, See Red podcast that Jess and I will be recording every week during the season, on top of getting more draft podcasts on Revenge of the Birds as Justin and I will be bringing our podcast on here as well.

Speaking of Justin Higdon, he'll be working as a lead contributor to keep Cardinals fans up to date on the draft and the prospects throughout the year, giving us weekly looks on prospects to watch as well as what those prospects and others did during the college football weekend.

Blake Murphy and Tyler Nickel are two names you can expect to see a little more of, as both will be back on board working in lead contributor roles.  Blake and Tyler will be bringing you in depth information on the Arizona Cardinals, their opponents and anything else NFL related.

The rest of the team remains intact, and if you are interested in contributing during the season, feel free to email me.

The whole point of me taking over this blog was because I know the uniqueness of the Arizona sports scene and how fleeting the enjoyment for fans can be, so I hope that no matter the season, Cardinals fans will have an outlet to enjoy talking about their Arizona Cardinals football.  Hopefully most of that conversation falls on the on the field product, where Blake, Tyler and the staff will be giving you as much information on the team as you can handle, but bringing in Justin Higdon will allow us to always have a leg up on what is going on in the draft as well, in the instance maybe things are not as good as they have been the last several years.

I look forward to the continued growth of Revenge of the Birds and thank you for continuing to join in the conversation.