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Patrick Peterson talks trash and who the most difficult WR in the NFL is to cover

Patrick Peterson is making the media rounds and had some really interesting comments

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Peterson is maybe the most recognizable player on the Arizona Cardinals roster, so it makes sense that he would be making the media rounds to help hype up the soon to be released "All or Nothing" Amazon video series.

Yesterday though, he made a stop in with Dan Patrick, and had some really enlightening answers to questions I am sure all fans have, here are some of the highlights.

Patrick was asked who the best trash talker at wide receiver in the NFL and tells the story of Steve Smith talking trash to him in his first game as a rookie.

He then talks about who the toughest cover is in the NFL and how Antonio Brown's game makes things so difficult, which is why Peterson thinks he is the best wide receiver in the league.

Peterson also goes on to talk about his affinity for Kobe Bryant, maybe do not read about that if you are a Suns fan, and how Bryant was the Michael Jordan of his generation.

It is a great interview and fun to listen to Patrick Peterson open up and talk about different personalities in the NFL, but also some good conversation about non football things.