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Off Season Talk on Who is your NFL Spirit Animal

A little fun off season test

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

It is the off season so things around the NFL can be a little slow.  While you can watch the NFL 100 tonight to get your fix on what two Arizona Cardinals join the top 100 players in the NFL, or listening into Patrick Peterson and who is the biggest trash talker at wide receiver or who is the toughest cover in the NFL, there is also some silly stuff that is going around right now.

That comes in the form of finding your "NFL Spirit Animal" an interesting find on Twitter.

I came away with Willis McGahee, 2003 23rd pick overall.

This was McGahee pre-injury.

McGahee was a very good running back over his career, and we both suffered a similar injury during our football playing lives (saying I had a football career would be disrespectful to Willis and what he overcame).

I think the match is a fitting one.

Who did you get?