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73 Days until the Arizona Cardinals Open the Season

Some stats to go with 73 for the Cardinals

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There are only 73 days remaining until the Arizona Cardinals kick off the 2016 NFL season against the New England Patriots.  What are some stats that go along with the number 73?  What are some players that wore 73?

Here are some fun facts about the number 73 in Cardinals history.

  • Josh Mauro wore 73 last year, Eric Winston before him, but the best 73 in Cardinals history was four time Pro Bowler Ernie McMillan.  Yes, the Cardinals have very successful offensive lineman in their history, hopefully that is being recreated now.
  • Neil Lomax in 1986 had a quarterback rating of 73.6, Lamar McHan had a quarterback rating of 73.3 in 1956, Jake Plummer had a quarterback rating of 73.1 in 1997 and Charley Johnson had a quarterback rating of 73 in 1965.  Apparently, a lot of Cardinals quarterbacks had very average seasons.
  • Drew Stanton's career quarterback rating with the Cardinals 73.4. That is slightly higher than Chris Chandler's career quarterback rating of 73.1 with the Cardinals.
  • Kevin Kolb's career long pass with the Arizona Cardinals was 73 yards.  Do you remember the year and who it was too?
  • Ottis Anderson averaged 73.4 yards per game in 1982, it was his second worst year with the Cardinals.
  • Bobby Joe Conrad in 1963 and Michael Pittman in 2000 had 73 receptions. Conrad finished with 967 yards and 10 touchdowns on his way to being named an All Pro.
  • Sonny Randle averaged 73.9 yards per game in 1964, he only played in seven games.

Any other 73's?