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Michael Floyd is the receiver the Arizona Cardinals need to pay

If you are looking at the numbers there may be something missing, here is why the Arizona Cardinals should pay Michael Floyd

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to Arizona Cardinals fan debates, one that has been brewing is the John Brown or Michael Floyd as the heir apparent.

While there may be no correct answer yet, I'll give you the reason why the Arizona Cardinals should pay Michael Floyd... Maybe I'll get to why they should pay John Brown.

When you look at just the numbers, there is one thing that jumps out.

Brown's 2014 and Floyd's 2014 is very similar, and Floyd out produced on three fewer targets.  The catch percentage was basically the same, but it was 2015 that made it seem like John Brown was pulling away.  Not the raw numbers, but the fact that Brown was better in catch percentage and yards per target.

It would seem, just raw stats, that Brown is beginning the ascension while Floyd was basically the same player.

Here is where it gets fun, and why if you are a Michael Floyd fan this is your argument:

Look at the "In Split" we see that Brown is better, but slightly with Palmer, projected as a 65 catch 1004 yards and eight touchdowns while Floyd is 58 catches 935 yards and six touchdowns.

Yet, look at the "Out of Split" and we see, Floyd is better and it is not really close: Brown projects to 45 catches 610 yards and three touchdowns while Floyd projects to 48 catches 930 yards and six touchdowns.  There's no difference in production for Floyd since Bruce Arians came to town.  Without Palmer, Floyd is the same wide receiver. He is not quite as good as Brown with Palmer, but he's much, much more productive without Palmer on the field than Brown projects, over 300 yards better than Brown on only three fewer catches.

If you are arguing to pay Michael Floyd, there is your ammunition, because Carson Palmer is on the clock, and you have to start preparing for post Palmer.

Well... And this