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The Top 10 Things We Want To See On "All Or Nothing"

The moments from the Cardinals' 2015 season we can't wait to watch

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The 2015 Arizona Cardinals season was arguably the second-best in franchise history with a 13-3 season, a first-round bye and a trip to the NFC Championship game.  Some might argue it better than that magical 2008 team in many ways considering the lack of in-season success that franchise had at times, going 9-7.

Yet, tomorrow we will be getting never-before-seen levels of access inside the Arizona Cardinals franchise.  So what are we looking forward to the most here at ROTB?

Let's begin.

#10: You Will Be Called "Kneedeep" And You Will Like It

DJ Humphries was a well-heralded first round draft pick who acquired an unfortunate nickname during camp, the meaning being how far you had to stick your foot up Humphries for him to get going.  Seeing this now as a motivational tool by Arians as Humphries is heading into training camp with a new mindset.  Seeing the origin of that nickname might be truly a funny moment, but will we see it?

#9 Steve Keim Wheels & Deals For Gunter

While the top moment from this year's NFL draft is higher up on this list, it's an incredibly rare event to be allowed access inside an NFL team's draft room, considered a sacred space free from media for the most part.  Seeing what it takes for Steve Keim to pull off a trade up for a player, and one for a fan favorite as Gunter, could be a fascinating insight as to the negotiation process that comes with a draft day trade.

#8 Chris Johnson's Gunshot Wound

When Andre Ellington went down, the Cardinals brought in a running back who had made a full recovery from being shot in a hit-and-run this past year in Chris Johnson.  Johnson went from being considered an "over-the-hill" running back who was a speed back only to becoming a tough bruiser who got the dirty yards, all with a bullet still in his shoulder.  Johnson was 2nd in the NFL in rushing before going down to injury.  Hearing Johnson's description of the story and his battle back from that could be awesome.

#7 David Johnson's Development

One big knock on David Johnson's game coming out of college was that he ran "east-to-west" aka would spend too much time trying to avoid tacklers and wouldn't run straight for more yards.  With a hamstring injury early in camp, in his first time carrying the ball in a game, it looked like Johnson might be living up to that criticism.

But then something clicked.

On his next series, Johnson started running decisively, pulling off 10 and 15 yard gains and didn't stop running after that for the rest of the season.  This followed by dramatic long touchdown vs. the Saints being the kickoff to his record-breaking rookie year showed Johnson as being part of the star power of "All or Nothing".  Seeing Johnson develop in the running and passing game will be something special to watch.

#6 Bobby Massie's 2-game suspension

We all make mistakes.  Bobbie Massie's suspension came as a bit of a shock to some Cardinals fans, as he had been the entrenched starter.  It'll be fascinating to see the in-camp battles and how Arizona would replace him is something Cards fans could want to watch.  But will NFL Films go into that much detail with it?

#5 Dwight Freeney Spins On In

Dwight Freeney was the unsung hero of the Cardinals 2015 season, and he didn't even join the team until after the season started.  Seeing a veteran like Freeney contributing to the pass rush and be a veteran to teach the young kids and even Calais was something special for fans.

As of now, Freeney hasn't signed yet.  If he earns praise on "All Or Nothing", could fans start pining for a possible return to the team for Freeney?

#4 J.J. Nelson: A Primer

The Cardinals are very excited about JJ Nelson if this offseason is any indication.  The 4.28 speedster was the fastest man at the NFL Combine and was quite impressive in OTA's and camp, grasping a very quick recognition of routes and showed excellent hands, and despite a small number of snaps in the 2015 season, he's primed for a possible improved 2016 to take the top off the defense.  Cardinals fans should want to get a sneak peek at Nelson's development thus far to prepare for camp.

#3 Detroit Steals The Pick

Here is the infamous draft story that many have been waiting to see.  It's become common knowledge that the Cardinals loved Ameer Abdullah and were going to draft him when their pick came along.  However, Detroit called him and selected him before the Cards even got a chance, leaving them devastated and having to come up with a new plan.

Seeing the process that landed them a solid rookie and possible stud in Markus Golden and David Johnson in place of Abdullah, can't say may Arizona fans were too upset.  But the drama of the moment will be worth watching.

#2 Fitz Put The Team On His Back

Out of all of the moments for the Arizona Cardinals 2015 season that could be called special or gripping, this one takes the cake.  Several other in-game moments that missed the cut for this spot include the Seattle game, Tyrann Mathieu's injury vs. Philly, the sack party vs. Green Bay and the Bengals comeback.

But ahead of all of those, Fitz's 70+ yard run in the NFC Divisional Game is going to be one of the legendary moments of all time.  Chris Arians has been hinted at taking the spotlight in this episode, and with the most cameras for a production than ever before, Cards fans will be able to enjoy even MORE angles of Fitz's catch and run and the shovel pass that sent the Cardinals to Carolina.

#1. New Insight (and new swear words) Into Uncle Bruce

What more is there to say about Bruce Arians at this point?  He's undoubtedly become the face of the Cardinals' toughness even more than the majority of the players, and is both fascinating as a progressive coach with an old-school mentality.

People can't seem to get enough of Uncle Bruce, and I'd imagine more than enough Cards fans will want to take Bruce's advice and pop back on the couch and relax with a mixed drink in hand as they enjoy watching this weekend.

What are you looking forward to seeing the most?

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