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Which Current Free Agent Could Arizona Sign?

Ever since Steve Keim took over a few years ago, the Cards have found a lot of value in late free agent signings. Who could they sign this year?

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Keim knows what he is doing.

Outside of a couple years in the Ken Whisenhunt era, there perhaps hasn't been a better time to be a Cardinals fan. And a big part of that is picking up free agents late in the offseason. Not like in March or April. But in July and August.

Take John Abraham. Or Dwight Freeney. Or Chris Johnson. All of them didn't have jobs in July of the years the Cardianls picked them up. They all ended up being important pieces for success in the desert.

So who are some guys that are out there that Arizona could sign again this year? Let's speculate.

Leon Hall, CB, Cincinnati: if there is still one glaring need on a deep Arizona team, it's at CB. Sure Patrick Peterson is ther, and Tyrann Mathieu is an amazing slot guy. But they need a guy who can play opposite of Patrick Peterson on first and second downs. Maybe Justin Bthel can be that guy. But he's going to miss a lot of time this offseason after surgery.

That leaves Hall, who played well in Cincinnati but is getting up there in age. The Cardinals had him in for a visit, but maybe his price tag was too high. Obviously they don't want to pay much (Jerraud Powers didn't get much from Baltimore), but if Hall goes unsigned through the summer, he could lower his price to play for a contender. And Arizona certainly is one.

Donald Butler, LB: if there is another lack of depth area, it could be inside linebacker, and if some injuries happen, they could look at Butler, who flamed out in San Diego but would have a little more talent around him in Arizona.

Andre Caldwell, WR: not to harp on ex-Broncos, but if the Cardinals sign a wide receiver for depth, they would have to be willing to play special teams. Caldwell seems like one of the few. (And no, I don't think they go for Anquan Boldin, however great a story that would be.)

Charles Tillman, CB: Because he proved he had something left last year with Carolina. And the Cardinals may be a little desperate at CB. Just sayin'.

Jahri Evans, G: Keim always seems to pick up a lineman late just for depth. They can't feel super comfortable about their center or right tackle situation.

Honestly, this is about all I could come up with at the moment--there's not a lot of depth on the list.

The good news is there were about a dozen others that I thought the Cardinals could sign--but they have so much depth that I can't see them signing anyone (unless someone that can help them gets cut over the next couple months).

Then again, I have heard rumors about Nick Foles...

Ok. I'll stop.