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Stats for 95 days until NFL Week 1, Cardinals vs. Patriots

Counting down until the season with stats.

NFL: NFC Divisional-Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time again. It is countdown time and time for some stats. Today there are 95 days until the season opener. Here are some "95" stats for your reading pleasure.

  • Carson Palmer's passer rating in 2014 was 95 point 6. I guess that rounds up to 96, but it still works for me. Three other players -- non-quarterbacks -- have had passer ratings in the 95 range -- all at 95.8. In 1935, Dave Cook completed his one pass for seven yards. Punter King Hill did the same in 1969. Running back (now the running backs coach) Stump Mitchell had a 95.8 passer rating in 1986, completed one of three passes, but the one was a 15-yards touchdown.
  • Joe Lillard attempted 95 career passed in 1932-33.
  • Fullback Frank Mestnik had 95 rushing attempts in 1961, as did Ike Peterson in 1935.
  • Receivers Ricky Proehl and Steve Breaston, as well as punter Chuck Latourette all had 95 career rushing yards as Cardinals.
  • Hal Moe had 95 receiving yards in 1933.
  • Fran Polsfoot (1950-51) had 95 career receptions as a Cardinal.
  • Johnny Martin had 95 punt return yards in 1943.
  • Marshall Goldberg had a 95-yard kick return in 1942, as did MarTay Jenkins in 2002.
  • The team went 4-12 in 1995.

Can you think of any other "95" stats?