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72 Days until the Arizona Cardinals Kick off the Season

We are 72 short days away from the Arizona Cardinals kicking off the season

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There are only 72 days until the Arizona Cardinals kick off the regular season against the New England Patriots and in that there are 72 stats that we need to have a look into.

  • Dan Dierdorf is far and away the best 72 in Cardinals history.  I wonder if there is a Ring of Honor spot coming down the line for this 72, especially since the other 72's throughout the Cardinals history include Ed Stinson, Rich Ohrnberger and Brandon Keith.  Seriously, let's not do the Hall of Famer Dierdorf anymore harm.
  • Timm Rosenbach in 1990 had a quarterback rating of 72.8, Dave Krieg in 1995 had a quarterback rating of 72.6 and M.C. Reynolds in 1958 had a quarterback rating of 72.6.  The trend of mediocre to below average quarterback play continues.
  • Chris Chandler's career long pass with the Cardinals was 72 yards in 1992.
  • Edgerrin James in 2006 averaged 72.4 yards per game.
  • Ernie Jones' career long reception in Arizona was 72 yards.  It happened in 1989 and in 1992.
  • Sonny Randle averaged 72.4 yards per game in 1963, David Boston averaged 72.3 yards per game in 2000 and Larry Fitzgerald averaged 72.8 yards per game in 2006.

Any more 72's?