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62 Days until the Arizona Cardinals Season Begins

What are stats for 62 and who had put on 62 for the Cardinals?

With only 62 days until the regular season opens it's time to take a look at some stats to go with the number 62. One thing is for sure, one 62 I'm Cardinals history has stood out from the rest.

Dale Meinart played for the Cardinals from 1958-1967. He made three Pro Bowl appearances. He's the best to put on the 62.

Ted Larsen is the last player to wear 62, but Mike Devlin is the player my memory always goes back to about wearing 62. I had season tickets during that time (well my dad did and let me tag along) and I vividly remember the vitriol the fans in the South end zone had for Devlin. It'll stick with me forever.

Kurt Warner completed 62.3% of his passes in 2007. Carson Palmer completed 62.9% of his passes in 2014. Warner then completed 67.1% of his passes in his fourth year and led the Arizona Cardinals to the Super Bowl. He was 37. It's Palmer's fourth season. He'll be 37 this year... Hmmm.

Stump Mitchell averaged 62.9 yards per game in 1985. I was born this year.

Emmitt Smith averaged 62.5 yards per game in 2004. I graduated from high school this year. Only reason I offered these nuggets.

Sonny Handle caught 62 passes for 893 yards and 15 touchdowns in 1960. Most receiving touchdowns in a single season in Cardinals history.

Any more 62's?