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61 Days Until the Arizona Cardinals Season Starts

What are some 61 stats for the Cardinals and who has worn the number 61 in Cardinals history?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We are slowly creeping our way towards the beginning of the 2016 NFL season and that means real Arizona Cardinals football is almost here.  With that in mind what are some stats in Cardinals history that go with the number 61 and who are the players that have worn the number in Cardinals history?

Bob DeMarco wore 61 for his time with the Cardinals and he was a three time Pro Bowler and a two time first team All Pro performer. He was the best player to wear the number for the Cardinals in their history.

Lance Smith was the next best player, of course Jonathan Cooper should have been the next in line, but we know what happened there.

Steve Beuerlein in 1993 had a completion percentage of 61.7 and Neil Lomax in 1984 had a completion percentage of 61.6. Lomax went to the Pro Bowl, Beuerlein did not.

Johnny Johnson rushed for 61.2 yards per game in 1992.

Bobby Joe Conrad had 61 catches in 1964, he made the Pro Bowl and had 780 yards and six touchdowns. Ernie Jones had 61 catches in 1991 and finished with 957 yards and four touchdowns.

Anymore 61's?