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Tom Brady Appeal Denied, Suspended for Game Against Arizona Cardinals

The 2nd Circuit Court denied Tom Brady's appeal and it is more likely that the Arizona Cardinals will miss Brady in the opener.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

For Arizona Cardinals fans there was good(?) news this morning as the 2nd Circuit Court denied Tom Brady's request to rehear the "Deflategate" ruling, meaning that for Brady and the Patriots, his four game suspension is back on.

This comes at a good time for the Arizona Cardinals, because the later this drags into camp and the pre-season the harder it would be to prepare for a Brady led Patriots squad while also trying to figure out how to game plan for either Jimmy Garoppolo or rookie Jacoby Brissett.

The next step for Brady and his side is appealing at the Supreme Court and asking for a stay in suspension from the 2nd Circuit Court, which would allow him to prepare his case to be heard by the Supreme Court.

While the Arizona Cardinals are not completely out of the woods on facing Tom Brady game one, it seems to be heading into the direction. Read this excellent breakdown of all the things that would have to happen in order for Brady to not be suspended.

Whether or not that is what is best for the Arizona Cardinals is debatable, but it is definitely going to take off some of the shine of opening night for Sunday Night Football in the desert, what many thought could be a preview of Super Bowl 51.