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Arizona Cardinals Start the 2016 Season in 59 Days

Arizona Cardinals start the 2016 NFL Season in 59 days.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There are only 59 days until the Arizona cardinals kick off against the Tom Bradyless New England Patriots. That means we have some different stats and players to look at who have worn the number 59 with the Cardinals.

Let's get started.

  • My favorite player as a youth, during the time when I was fortunate enough to have season tickets, was Seth Joyner.  I didn't know any Seth's growing up, and to see a dominant, athletic outside linebacker playing for my favorite team with my favorite team was something special.  My dad had a hard and fast no jersey rule though, apparently something about players not spending much time here, so don't get too attached.  What did he know.
  • Rob Fredrickson was the next 59, and he had a nice little career with the Cardinals, even if he was no Seth Joyner.
  • The current Cardinal who wears 59 is Alani Fua.
  • Neil Lomax's quarterback rating his rookie year with the Cardinals was 59.9.  He started seven games and finished with a 50.4% completion, 1,575 yards, four touchdowns and 10 interceptions.  Wonder what the ROTB message boards would look like heading into 1982 with Lomax being the quarterback of the future.
  • Kurt Warner threw 59 career interceptions as an Arizona Cardinals quarterback. It is crazy to think that he was with the Cardinals for five season, because the first two and a halfish were so forgettable.
  • No Cardinals player in history has finished with 59 receptions in a season.  This is baffling to me.

Any other 59's?