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Get Your Motivational Thoughts From the Arizona Cardinals

SB Nation enjoyed the Arizona Cardinals "All or Nothing" series and had a little fun with it.

Mike Windle/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals are the bells of the ball right now, and with that comes fun attention. Well one of those fun little articles was written by Jeanna Thomas on the main SB Nation blog.

Jeanna came up with some motivational posters that were inspired from "All or Nothing" and you can check them out here.

Here is whatJeanna had to say about her inspiration for the piece:

On the Amazon series All or Nothing, which followed the Arizona Cardinals for the entire 2015 season, Bruce Arians and his players proved to be infinitely quotable. They put their own spin on tired adages, giving us plenty of bon mots we can use anywhere -- the locker room, the boardroom ... hell, even the bedroom (we're not judging!).

My favorite poster was probably the "Determination" one, as I love that quote from Arians. What about you, what was your favorite? Did Jeanna and company miss any? Put them in the comments and yours will be used on the RotB site and Facebook and Twitter pages. If we get enough,maybe we can do one a week until the season starts.