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Robert Nkemdiche Shares His Musical Talents

The talented rookie is also practicing on the saxophone and is not shy about sharing his journey.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

One of the knocks on Robert Nkemdiche coming out of college was people didn't know how interested he was in football.  Was football his passion or was it what he did because he was just really good at it?

Well, if you follow Nkemdiche on Instagram, you will see he is not shy about pursuing some of his other passions in life, one of which is learning to play the saxophone.

New best. Thien.

A video posted by Robert Nkemdiche (@thelegendmerlynn) on


A video posted by Robert Nkemdiche (@thelegendmerlynn) on

While he's not quite as versed in the woodwinds as he is on the football field, it is a cool look at what makes a guy like Nkemdiche tick. It is also silly, at least to me, to think that he was knocked because of his passions that lie outside of the football world. Keep honing your talent, young man.