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Arizona Cardinals Evan Boehm and the Anonymous Scout

The Arizona Cardinals fourth rounder had some things said about him by the roving anonymous scout.

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The difference between a first round pick like Robert Nkemdiche and a fourth round pick like Evan Boehm can really be summed up in this series, well that and the fact that Brandon Williams will not even be covered.

Boehm had a paltry 55 words written about him in his "scouting report" from Bob McGinn and his anonymous scouts in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  Yet, it is there that we find that there really is nothing to figure out about Boehm's game, he is a try hard, physical, no nonsense type of player.  He'll give you everything he has and the question for Boehm will always be, is that enough?

Here's what was said

Played football for his father in Lee's Summit, Mo. Also was a state wrestling champion. "Being physical is what his whole game is," one scout said. "He's tough. More like (Corey) Linsley. That's how he plays. Strong, physical." Made his first 12 starts at LG and the next 40 at center for a school-record 52.

One scout piqued McGinn's interest enough to be in his article on Boehm, Jack Allen, the fifth ranked center had three scouts quoted, but that is what separates Boehm, the Arizona Cardinals fourth round pick, from Robert Nkemdiche.  Everyone knows, or thinks they know what they can expect in Boehm the football player.

There is much more division and much greater opinions had on Nkemdiche.

While none of the other Arizona Cardinals draft picks will get the anonymous scout treatment, the juxtaposition of Nkemdiche's scathing and varying anonymous scouting report to the brief summation of Evan Boehm shows you just what you expect from a fourth round center.  Not a lot of talk, but a strong game.