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2013 NFL Draft Podcast: What Happens When an NFL Prospect Calls You Out

The 2013 NFL Draft wasn't the best, but one of the best players didn't like what one analyst said.

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

The 2013 NFL Draft left a lot to be desired for many teams, the Arizona Cardinals being one of them. While they hit a home run with Tyrann Mathieu, the overall results were less than stellar.

One prospect though made some waves early and that was Kyle Long. Long was a surprise first round pick to many, but he proved his worth quickly.

Meanwhile, Bryan Perez of Draft Breakdown was working on his first website and churning out great prospect reports. One of which was a look at Kyle Long.

Long found it later on and responded. The results were interesting but Bryan responded in kind by writing an article.

I talked with Bryan about the experience, but also about the draft, owning Draft Breakdown and more. Check it out.