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Tom Brady Will Not Appeal Suspension, Will Miss Season Opener vs Arizona Cardinals

The long "deflategate" saga comes to an end and the Arizona Cardinals lose the chance at a marquee opening night.

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

The saga is over and Tom Brady will not appeal his suspension, meaning for the Arizona Cardinals, they will miss one of the greatest to ever play to open the 2016 season.

It was a long, drawn out journey with an expected result, as any result that overturned Brady's suspension would mean that Roger Goodell does not have the power to punish as he sees fit, which would be a huge blow to the current CBA.

The tough part for the Arizona Cardinals is now they lose some of the luster that was their opening night game against the power house New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football.

While the game loses no meaning, the result can only do damage to the Arizona Cardinals in the eyes of the public.

A win against the Bradyless Patriots means beating Jimmy Garoppolo in his first career start, or worse, beating rookie Jacoby Brissett.

Those are expected outcomes, ones that the Arizona Cardinals, as Super Bowl favorites, should be able to handle.If they lose, well, are they for real?

That'll be the question that plagues the Arizona Cardinals.While you can only play the teams and players on the schedule, the loss of Brady is a little bit... deflating for the Arizona Cardinals as they kick off what many fans expect to be a special season.