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Tom Brady Has Ruined the Arizona Cardinals Opening Game

While the Arizona Cardinals still have to go out and win, there is less shine on the game thanks to Brady.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

While many will point to the bottom line, a win, being all that matters, I just want to say, I am disappointed that Tom Brady will not be playing in week one against the Arizona Cardinals.

I have been one person who has always wondered if the Cardinals were "there".  Are they good enough to play with the elites of the NFL, last year I was worried because of what we saw against the Steelers and Rams, teams that offered differing types of problems for the Cardinals because there were better teams that could present the same problems.  The Cardinals ran into one of those teams in the NFC Championship game in Carolina, a ferocious, physical defense that has enough outside speed to make life difficult for the Arizona Cardinals offense.  They also had one of the handful of quarterbacks who you could flat out say is at least and equal to Carson Palmer (and I would argue he was better)

This year, though, this year the Arizona Cardinals continued to respond to those issues.  They brought in more help along the offensive line, they added two pieces to the pass rush, they got younger, longer and faster in the secondary, similar to what Carolina did.

The first test was against one of the premier programs in the NFL over the last 16 years in the New England Patriots.  They have a talented defense, but they have maybe the most efficient offense and one of the greatest players ever at the quarterback position.  It would provide a good measuring stick to how close the Cardinals are to achieving their goal, and also let the rest of the NFL know.

Now, what's the response if they win?

Worse, what's the response in they lose?

I still think the Arizona Cardinals have it all this year, but it will just take a couple extra weeks to see it against one of the other teams in the NFL who has "it" as well.  Now those back to back games against Seattle and in Carolina have a little more importance.