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Rashad Johnson's Wedding Reunites Arizona Cardinals Secondary

The former Arizona Cardinals safety brought the secondary together one last time.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

One of the overarching themes through "All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals" was the closeness of the team.

You saw that displayed amazingly by the secondary, as they had a group of players that were more like brothers than teammates.

This off season, there have been a lot of questions on whether the Arizona Cardinals can find a similar blend with their new acquisitions.

But for now, in the off season, we see just how close the Cardinals former secondary members were, as Rashad Johnson's wedding was the site of the reunion and Tyrann Mathieu was able to capture the closeness.

While we can speculate on how the new bodies will blend, no one can deny the brotherhood that was established by the former members of the "No Fly Zone". Good luck to Rashad and Jerraud Powers in the next stops in their life, but for this post, more importantly, congratulations to Rashad Johnson and his lovely bride. May your life together be blessed.