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Arizona Cardinals Regular Season Opens in 55 Days

What are some stats to go with 55 in Cardinals history?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

There are 55 days left until the Arizona Cardinals open the regular season against the New England Patriots. 55 has some good history with the Cardinals, both in stats and players to have worn the number. Let's take a look at 55 in Cardinals history.

  • Irv Goode was the best to wear 55 with the Cardinals, making two Pro Bowl appearances in his 10 years with the franchise. He went on to win a ring with the Dolphins. I'm hoping this never has to be a thing again for the Cardinals and their players.
  • John Abraham is probably the second best player to wear 55. The rest of the 55's were fairly average to below average, but there is also a litany of disappointments that wore 55.
  • Travis Laboy was supposed to help bring a pass rush to Arizona in his one season where he had four sacks. Joey Porter came to Arizona and had five sacks in two seasons. Stewart Bradley was next... He was a "big" signing for the 2012 season. He was nearly as ineffective as Sean Weatherspoon in his one season with the Cardinals.
  • Jake Plummer's career completion percentage was 55.9.
  • Drew Stanton's 2014 saw him go 55% 1711 yards seven touchdowns and five interceptions. How good was his 2014? Well he went 5-3 so nothing else matters.
  • Marcell Shipp averaged 55.6 yards per game in 2002. Andre Ellington averaged 55 yards per game in 2014.
  • Remember "big" signing Freddie Jones? His best season with the Cardinals saw him go 55 517 yards and three touchdowns.

Any more 55's?