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Anonymous Scouts on Arizona Cardinals Jonathan Cooper

What did the anonymous scouts have to say about Jonathan Cooper in 2013 before the Arizona Cardinals drafted him?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft is a fickle thing and looking back at old scouting reports makes it even more interesting. The other day we looked at what the anonymous scouts said about Robert Nkemdiche and Evan Boehm.

Nkemdiche's report showed the potential bust factor, while Boehm's read as excitingly as his game.

What did the anonymous scouts say about previous Arizona Cardinals picks though? I thought it would be interesting to take a look, starting with the biggest bust of the Keim era, Jonathan Cooper.

Ability to hit on the move has drawn comparisons to former Viking Randall McDaniel and former 49er Guy McIntrye. "Long arms (33), good power, good strength (35 reps on the bench) and good leverage," one scout said. "Unbelievable puller. Balance and body control. Tough guy. Smart guy (Wonderlic of 34). Great in the locker room. He does it all." Four-year starter at LG. Tried to play center two years ago but didn't snap accurately.

Something we all knew was Cooper was a freak, but this reads as a generational type of player. The most important part though was how smart, tough and respected he was.

"Problem is the guy played at 280, 285," another scout said. "But you watch him move, especially for a zone team, he will be right up their alley." Out of Wilmington, N.C., where he was a prep wrestler.

Size was a concern for some, but his athleticism and strength should have negated that.

"He has as good intangibles as any lineman in this draft," a third scout said. "Effort, toughness, desire, understanding. That tells me he might be a great center." Disappointing workout at the combine.

That last part, the workout at the combine, should that have been the red flag?

It's amazing to look back and see how highly people thought of Cooper. To see him be a bust in the end. Who saw that coming?