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Arizona Cardinals Had a Terrible Draft According to the Dallas Cowboys Big Board

The Dallas Cowboys Big Board was leaked and apparently the Arizona Cardinals had a terrible draft.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The yearly tradition continues for the Dallas Cowboys and fellow SB Nation site Blogging the Boys as the Dallas Cowboys 2016 NFL Draft board was "leaked".

As always the guys over at BtB give heavy caveats into the board and what and how they pieced it together, but it always makes for an interesting read, along with a look at how different teams can see players.

For the Arizona Cardinals, using simply the Cowboys board as constructed from BtB, the draft was awful.

I went over the board and here are some interesting nuggets.

Robert Nkemdiche -€” Nkemdiche was not on the board or at least his name was illegible for the guys to post.  It would make sense, with the vast array of suspensions the Cowboys have had in the past year, to see them take a player like Nkemdiche off their board altogether.

Brandon Williams -€” The Cowboys ranked Williams as a fifth round talent, which coincides with my idea that the Cardinals had Williams as one of the few remaining draft eligible talents at the corner position, especially with the run on corners in round two.

Evan Boehm, Marqui Christian and Harlan Miller were also not ranked on the Cowboys "big board" meaning of the Cardinals six draft picks, they drafted two players that are known to be on the Cowboys board.  Cole Toner was rated as a seventh round talent.

The Arizona Cardinals, based purely off the Cowboys big board, drafted two draftable players, and reached on both by two full rounds.Amazing how different the NFL can see prospects.