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All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals Episode Two Review

A look at the Arizona Cardinals toughest stretch of games from the inside and how the team rallied.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Episode two of "All or Nothing: A Season  with the Arizona Cardinals" focused on maybe one of the worst stretches of the Arizona Cardinals season in terms of game play, as it saw them take on the St. Louis Rams, Detroit Lions and Pittsburgh Steelers.

The St. Louis game was great to see because it was the first time the Cardinals lost and we saw how it refocused the team.

From there, the focus shifted to the secondary and what a fun group of guys. We saw how reserved and professional Jerraud Powers was, the coach asking him to be an example for the rest of the guys.

The group was tight knit, we know how close Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu are, but to see the closeness through the entire group was really fun. It led into the steamrolling of the Detroit Lions, but we saw the bodies beginning to pile up.

We see the trip to West Virginia and the Greenbrier. It gives us an intimate look at Steve Keim working his magic bringing in Dwight Freeney.

The joke about how bad the pass rush was at the time was funny, "From off the couch to first team pass rush, number 54."

Then we get to the Pittsburgh Steelers game and we saw the emotions from Bruce Arians and his staff of Steelers. They knew what that game meant, and yet it was a game given away to a good Pittsburgh team without their quarterback.

Quick Hitters:

I wanted to keep track of f*#$'s from Bruce Arians, but he went on the tirade during the Steelers game and I lost track.

Cory Redding explaining the NBA and MLB playing 180+ games, but the NFL only having 17 weeks was a funny moment to me.

The couches in the interview with Peterson, Powers and Johnson should be burned.

Bruce Arians called someone a "dickwad" and I was immediately transported back to Jr High.

Patrick Peterson's "work car" is "humble flashy" and a Rolls Royce.

My wife liked the scouting trip to Notre Dame so I have to mention that.

Quarterback Challenge:

We saw Patrick Peterson in a skimpy warm up outfit.

Drew Stanton lost the competition heading to Detroit. We called it "Pimp Chic".

Brentson Buckner may be the breakout star of the series. He's been phenomenal on camera and as a coach.