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The Arizona Cardinals Season Starts in 71 Days

What are some Cardinals stats to go with 71?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There are only 71 days left until the Arizona Cardinals open the season, but with kick off of "All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals" it might as well be 171 days because football cannot get here fast enough.While we get our fix over the weekend, let us take a look at some stats with the number 71 in Cardinals history, and maybe binge watch All or Nothing 71 times over the next 71 days.

  • Jim Hart had a quarterback rating of 71.7 in 1975 and went to the Pro Bowl.  Tim Rattay had a quarterback rating of 71.1 in 2007 and was out of the league after that.
  • Two of the former Arizona Cardinals carousel of quarterbacks have career long passes of 71 yards.  Dave Brown in 1999 and Jeff Blake in 2003.  Those were dark times my friends.
  • Beanie Wells career long rushing attempt with the Arizona Cardinals was 71 yards, it happened in his rookie season of 2009. What could have been.
  • Three of best wide receivers in Arizona (note) Cardinals history had 71 catches in a season, 2000 David Boston, 2007 Anquan Bolding and 2012 Larry Fitzgerald.
  • Boldin also averaged 71.1 yards per game in 2007, so his 2007 was heavily influenced by 71.
  • 71 has not been kind recently to those that wear it, but it has a good history with Bob Reynolds and Joe Bostic.  The last Cardinal to wear it was Red Bryant.

Anymore 71's?