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Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Preview: The Linebackers

There are some obvious players, but who will come out of camp at the linebacker position for the Arizona Cardinals.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday we looked at the offensive linemen trying to earn the final roster spot or two for the position, and when it comes to the Arizona Cardinals, there are not a lot of roster spots left.

Today is a different matter; it is the linebackers that I want to take a look at.  Last year the Arizona Cardinals had 10 linebackers on their opening day roster, none of which were Deone Bucannon.  So we'll not count him, for now on the linebackers

We know the names that are making the roster: Chandler Jones, Kevin Minter and Markus Golden.  The question from there becomes who are the other backers?  They are likely going to be mostly outside linebackers; but let's take a look at the names.


Alex Okafor
Kareem Martin
Shaquille Riddick
Tristin Okpalaugo
Zack Wagenmann


Alani Fua
Gabe Martin
Quayshawn Nealy
Lamar Louis

I put Okafor, Martin and Riddick at the top because they seem like slam dunks to make the roster, but you never know.  Okpalaugo is an interesting name to watch, he could sneak on as the ninth guy in the rotation.  People were high on Wagenmann last year, could he spend a year on the practice squad after being IR'd last season?

Fua and Martin are probably making the roster, they have the experience plus they were good on teams last year.

I know nothing about Louis outside of the fact he is small and played at LSU.

Nealy was around last year a little bit, spent most of his time on the Tampa Bay practice squad.

This is where you likely will see some Keim time magic, as the last two spots, if that is how they decide to start the season, or the last spot may come down to a veteran.  Maybe Freeney comes back.  Maybe they take a flier on a late camp cut.  Maybe they like what they have in Martin, Riddick, Okafor and Okpalaugo and do nothing.

What do you think?