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53 Days Until the Arizona Cardinals Open the 2016 NFL Season

There are only 53 days until the Arizona Cardinals season opens, what are some stats with the number 53?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There are only 53 days left until the Arizona Cardinals kick off the regular season.  With the countdown getting lower and lower we'll be taking small breaks away from the countdown, especially as training camp is revving up.

For now though, with still nine days until training camp opens, let's take a look at the number 53 and who has worn it, as well as some stats to go with it.

  • While a lot of players have worn 53, Steve Neils and Jamie Rivers were probably the best of the group.  Clark Haggans was pretty good.
  • A.Q. Shipley is currently wearing 53, but who was the player before him? He played in three games with the Cardinals total.
  • Dave Krieg was sacked 53 times in 1995, which was a lot.  The Cardinals have a history of quarterbacks getting sacked a lot.  For instance, 53 would be the seventh most touchdowns in Cardinals history.  53 was the number of times sacked in one season.
  • George Grosvenor averaged 53.5 yards per game for his career with the Cardinals. That is good for fifth all time.

This is really depressing, any more 53's you want to discuss?