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What is Mike Jenkins Role with the Arizona Cardinals?

The Arizona Cardinals have made another move for a veteran player, what is Mike Jenkins role going to be?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

One thing is for certain, Steve Keim is not done making moves.  With the signing of Mike Jenkins yesterday, the Arizona Cardinals addressed maybe their biggest need, to add depth and experience to a young and athletic secondary.

The question becomes where does Jenkins fit in with the Arizona Cardinals.  He only played 30% of the snaps in Tampa Bay in 2015, simply because he was dealing with more injuries.  When he did line up though, it was as an outside cover guy.

What Jenkins will be in Arizona is something to watch moving forward.  He wasn't bad when he played in Dallas and Oakland, but that was in 2012 and 2013, in 2014 he spent all but one game on the injured reserve with the Bucs and 2015, as talked about was a role player because of injuries again.

Jenkins was signed to compete for a roster spot, but his experience is almost exclusively as an outside corner, which means he'll be competing with Justin Bethel or to back up Bethel and Peterson.  Maybe he's the back up plan if Bethel really struggles early on.

I am interested to see if he sees any time in the slot, as this is not something he has done much of in his career, but it is a veteran who has had some NFL success.  Something the Cardinals were lacking on their roster.

Of course, the Arizona Cardinals are bringing in Chris Culliver for a visit as well, so maybe it is about loading up on veterans and letting the best make the roster.  You just wonder which young guy that would push out.