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Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Roulette: Would you play?

ESPN asked the question if you as a fan would spin the QB roulette wheel.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

While the Arizona Cardinals continue to beef up their roster in heading into the 2016 regular season, there are some pressing questions that need to be asked.

ESPN is asking one of those questions in the form of the ESPN QB Roulette Wheel.

The game is simple, would you spin the wheel to see who you end up with or would you stick with who you have?

The answer for Arizona may seem simple, stay with Palmer, you are in a unique window to win.  This would lead probably 80% of you to simply forgo the spin of the wheel.

However, what if you ended up with a young quarterback in Jameis Winston, Blake Bortles or Marcus Mariota?  What if you got one of the few elites in the game in Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger or Tom Brady for the 2016 season?

What about getting a guy like Cam Newton, Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson, where they may not be as good as Palmer (or they are already) but you have them at a young age and under contract for a substantial amount of time?

I think I know what the vote will be by Arizona Cardinals fans, because Palmer is not nearly bad enough to just say, spin the damn wheel, but I do think the opportunity to get a young quarterback would be tempting. Plus, if you end up with a Cutler, Stafford, Flacco, Eli, Romo, or Brees, you know you'll likely get enough to keep you in the hunt.

Would it be worth the risk to you?