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Mathieu and Campbell Contracts Discussed by Steve Keim

The Arizona Cardinals General Manager talked about the pending contract situation for a number of players.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The urgency for Arizona Cardinals fans may be ratcheting up when it comes to the contract extensions of Tyrann Mathieu, but Steve Keim does not seem to phased by the lack of "progress" being made.

Keim threw out the first pitch on Tuesday nights Arizona Diamondbacks game, and of course was peppered with questions regarding the contract of not only Mathieu, but about Calais Campbell.

"Hopeful, but people ask all the time whether I think we're close or we're not. I don't think it's fair for us or the player to make a comment because, really, I don't know what close is anymore. We'll just continue to stay aggressive, though. That's the one thing I've said earlier: Whether it's signing players, whether it's readjusting guys who need to be signed for extensions, we'll continue to stay aggressive and try to keep our foot on the gas pedal." Keim doesn't have a timeframe in which he'd like to get an extension done, but said "there are always points in a negotiation when it's more pressing than not."

It is just another way to say, "relax, we'll get these guys taken care of when they're taken care of."

Keim knows what his teams needs are right now, and for now, the ability to add players to compete in training camp trumps extending or restructuring anyone.

I still believe things with Mathieu get done before the regular season starts, after the first round of cuts are made and Keim and company have a better idea of what their team looks like moving forward.

Now Calais Campbell, that is another interesting one. Do they re-sign him, do they try and restructure and put some money down the road, or do they let this be his last year in Arizona?

The work of an NFL General Manager is never done, even if you are getting a night away from the football world.