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Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Battle is One to Watch

While the quarterback one and two positions are filled, the battle on who is the quarterback three on the roster is up for grabs with the Arizona Cardinals.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals training camp this year is going to be very uneventful.  Outside of the final one or two spots for the offensive line and the linebacker depth chart, there is very little in question about the roster.

However, there could be one intriguing match up, and if we are being honest the "camp battle" I am most looking forward too is that of Matt Barkley versus Jake Coker.

It is simply one of those match ups that require a keen eye, but also someone who doesn't care about mistakes being made.

You see, Barkley is getting his first live action in the Arizona Cardinals offensive system, so he's going to make mistakes, but you want to see if the process, the mental aspect is correct. The next stage will be deciphering whether or not Barkley has the physical ability to play in the Cardinals offense.

On the flipside is Coker, who doesn't have a year in the system, so what you are watching will be similar, is he making smart decisions, but also what are his limitations?  Is he slow to read the half field?  Will he be able to make progressions across the field? He is a more physically gifted athlete, but is he going to be a better quarterback?

The battle also is not for the QB3 on the depth chart.  Instead, it is a battle if Barkley has made enough progress to not put Jake Coker on the practice squad.  Meanwhile, is the upside of Coker enough to unseat Barkley as the QB3 on the roster and move him onto the Practice Squad, or maybe even an active roster spot?

This is the battle that interests me the most, which is saying something when it comes to Arizona Cardinals training camp.