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52 Days Until the Arizona Cardinals Start the 2016 Season

What are some stats to go with 52? Who has worn 52 for the Cardinals?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

There are only 52 days remaining until the Arizona Cardinals kickoff the 2016 season, and for that there should be a look at some of the players who have worn 52 in Cardinals history, as well as some stats that go along with the number 52.

Let's take a look.

  • Charles Baker was the best to wear 52 with the Cardinals.  From there you have a guy who is named Marion Rushing and it drops WAY off.  Zack Walz, Levar Fisher and Monty Beisel.
  • The last Arizona Cardinals player to wear 52... Jasper Brinkley.  The number has not been good with this organization.
  • Neil Lomax was sacked 52 times in 1986 and Jake Plummer was sacked 52 times in 1997.  It is a number that occurs far to frequently within this organization.
  • Timm Rosenbach was sacked 52 times in his career, that spanned 26 games.
  • Michael Floyd had 52 catches in 2015 for 849 yards and six touchdowns.
  • Frank Sanders had 52 catches in 1995 for 883 yards and two touchdowns.
  • Larry Wilson holds the team record for career interceptions with 52.  That is a special number as it is good for 26 all time. What a special player in the Cardinals history.

Any more 52's?