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Deone Bucannon is Arizona Cardinals Most Underrated Player

The dollar linebacker is adored by Arizona Cardinals fans, but he's not getting the attention he deserves... Yet

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

One of the great things about the Arizona Cardinals rise to prominence has been the fact that they have received heaps and heaps of praise from various outlets.

However, there are always key players that are overlooked by even the most well intentioned writers, so Pete Prisco took it upon himself to identify the most underrated player on every NFL team.

After upsetting the Arizona Cardinals fan base by calling Michael Floyd overrated, he has redeemed himself, maybe, by picking Deone Bucannon as the most underrated player on the Arizona Cardinals star studded roster.

"Now that he's made the move to linebacker in their scheme, he has developed into a nice player. He might have struggled in coverage as a safety, but he fits in their scheme as a linebacker. He can run and he gets to the football."

Bucannon is the new age defensive weapon in the NFL.  He has the athleticism to play at all levels of the field, but the strength and willingness to get down and dirty.

Even though he still calls himself a safety, he's that only in name, as his role on the Arizona Cardinals ask him to be the answer at linebacker.

So far, he's answered that call, and "Drone" is making a huge impact.