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Arizona Cardinals Season Opener is 51 Days Away

What are some stats with 51 and who has worn the jersey in Cardinals history?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There are only 51 days left until the Arizona Cardinals open the 2016 NFL season against the New England Patriots.

So to celebrate let's take a look at some stats with 51 and some of the players within Cardinals history who have worn 51.

  • There have not been a ton of great players that have worn 51 for the Cardinals, Tom Brahaney was probably the best, or at least played for the longest while wearing the number.
  • Two inside linebackers have worn 51 for the Cardinals recently, Paris Lenon and now Kevin Minter.  Their play has been actually quite similar.  I expect Minter to pass Lenon this year though.
  • Remember Daryl Blackstock?  He wore 51 in his last season in Arizona.  I always was waiting for him to turn into a good player, and it never happened.
  • 51 is the number of passing touchdowns thrown by Paul Christman, that ranks seventh in Cardinals history.  Christman took from 1945 to 1949 to throw that many touchdowns.  The quarterback history for the Cardinals is really depressing.
  • Carson Palmer had a 51.11 QBR in 2013.  I still have no idea what this means.  But it goes with 51, so.
  • Simeon Rice is second in career sacks with the Cardinals at 51.5, that happened from 1996 to 2000.  79 games, 51.5 sacks.  And they couldn't figure out a way to keep him.  Hopefully Calais passes him this year to take the second position on the list.

Any more 51's?