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2016 Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Preview

Jess and Seth talk about the 2016 Arizona Cardinals and give a preview of the training camp, focusing on the offensive side of the ball.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It is finally here, well almost, but the previews are finally here.  Jess and I got together and brought our thoughts on the 2016 Arizona Cardinals.

First though, Jess and I talked a little about the Mike Jenkins signing and whether or not we see Chris Culliver coming in as well.

We focused on the offense on this episode, going positional group by group and talking about the talent, whether we see any surprises coming and what our overall thoughts on the offensive group as a whole are.

What are the position battles we are most looking forward too?

What about a surprise during camp?  Jess and I agreed, offensively there is not much that could surprise us, outside of maybe adding a veteran or maybe even... a trade. (Note, I don't think the trade would happen it would just be the only real surprise that I could see happening)

Check it out, we'll be back next week focusing on the defense and special teams.