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48 Days Until the Arizona Cardinals Kickoff the 2016 Season

What are some stats with the number 48 in Cardinals history, has anyone worn 48 for the Cardinals?

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

We are entering the home stretch, as this will be the last Monday through February that the Arizona Cardinals will not have football activity to cover.  That being said, there are still 48 days left, so let's take a look at some of the 48's in Cardinals history. (Hint, there's not much left).

  • The last player to wear 48 was Nate Hodel, my hero, as a long snapper.  Not really, Trey Junkin was my hero, but Hodel had a nice six year career with the Cardinals while I was still snapping in high school.
  • The best 48 was probably a corner named Lionel Washington, who only played four seasons with the Cardinals, but had a really nice, long career in Oakland he played nine seasons, he also played two seasons in Denver. In Washington's rookie season with the St. Louis Cardinals he had eight interceptions.  He finished with 16 in his Cardinals career and 37 total for his career.
  • Beanie Wells averaged 48.5 yards per game in his Cardinals career.  Do we call him a bust?  I mean he was injured, so that means he wasn't a bust, right?  Or is that only for this regime?
  • Jim Otis averaged 48.3 yards rushing per game for his career.
  • Ricky Proehl averaged 48 yards receiving per game for his career with the Cardinals.
  • Calais Campbell is fourth all time in sacks at 48.5.  He should have no problem taking over the second position on the list, all he needs his 3.5 sacks this season.  He needs 18.5 sacks to take over the career lead from Freddie Joe Nunn.

Any other 48's?