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47 Days Until the Arizona Cardinals Open the Regular Season

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

There are only 47 days left until the Arizona Cardinals open the 2016 regular season on Sunday Night Football.

While the game may have lost a little shine thanks to Tom Brady’s indiscretions, it is still the first game of the season though, so it’ll be a lot of fun.

Also, there are some interesting stats with the number 47 and one player who I won’t mention that wore 47 and didn’t cover a wide receiver well enough in the back of the endzone in the Super Bowl.

  • Cedric Mack was the best to wear 47 with the Cardinals. He wore it for eight seasons with the St. Louis and Phoenix Cardinals. In those eight seasons he had 20 interceptions, starting 84 games and appearing in 117 total games.
  • Some guy who didn’t make a play in the Super Bowl was the last Cardinals player to wear 47. Wonder if it is banned from being worn?
  • John Skelton was sacked 47 times in 20 games. That’s not good.
  • Jim Hardy threw 47 career interceptions in 30 games. Again, not good.

You know what, let’s be done with 47. No wonder no Cardinals wear it.