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7 Days/7 Cuts- Does Mike Jenkins hold on?

Does the recent FA acquisition have enough in the tank to crack the 53?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It's just three days until training camp begins, so I will be counting the days down one at a time, highlighting 7 players who i believe must use this training camp to cement their place on the team.

This piece won’t include obvious picks, such as longshot UDFAs or clear camp bodies.

No, this list will be 7 players who you may expect to make the 53, but it may not be as clear cut as you believe. So read on, and at the end, voice your opinion in the poll and comments below and let me know what you think- expendable talent, or necessary depth?

The Who:

Mike Jenkins, 31 year old cornerback, most recently of the Tampa Bay Bucs. He’s struggled through injuries the last couple years, but if healthy, he is a talented corner, mostly suited for press and man coverage- exactly what the Cardinals demand. Highly regarded as a solid corner out of South Florida, the Cowboys drafted him in the first round. He ran a 4.38 in his combine, showing speed, and has flashed in his career, earning a Pro Bowl berth in 2009.

The Money:

So here’s the kicker- the terms for Jenkin’s deal, signed last week, have yet to be disclosed. Which is crucial, because only then can we accurately assess his value. But, if I was to speculate based on Keim’s hostory, I’d say it would be in the ball park of Antonio Cromartie’s two years ago- 1 year, 3.5 mil. Considering this contract came a little later in the offseason, and Mike Jenkins hasn’t had the career production of Cromartie, let’s imagine it is a smidge lower, perhaps in the 2-3 mil range. I will update this with the contract info when I can. Gungus, contact your people.

The Roster:

Ten cornerbacks on roster. Last season, the team kept just three. Those numbers don’t include Honey Badger, who plays 60% of his snaps in the slot. Patrick Peterson and Justin Bethel are locks, as should be 3rd round pick Brandon Williams, who lacks experience but displays unique athleticism. What about 7th round pick Harlan Miller? Cariel Brooks had a fine camp and preseason last year, and I expect him to also make a solid push for a roster spot. Also, flying under the radar is former Vikings defensive back Shaun Prater, who signed a 700k contract with the Cardinals and has positional flexibility- he has experience playing cornerback, strong safety, and is a solid special teams player. Add in Asa Jackson or Elie Bouka, and nothing is a guarantee.

The Production:

Mike Jenkins has 10 career interceptions, which is solid- man coverage corners typically don’t have the stats. Plus, scheme fits are crucial for corners- Lovie Smith’s defense is much different then Bettcher’s. Also, 243 career tackles shows that his ability to set the edge in run support, which is important yet rare for corners.

The Bottom Line:

Honestly, the cap numbers play a lot into this. As does the production/development of rookie CBs Williams and Miller, and the health of a certain Tyrann Mathieu. Mike Jenkins is primarily an edge defender, but he does have experience as a nickelback. Clearly, this is a battle to look at in camp. How many do the Cardinals carry?