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There are Only 46 Days Until the Arizona Cardinals Kickoff the Season

Who are some players that have worn 46 and what are some stats to go with the number 46?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

There are 46 days left until the Arizona Cardinals open the 2016 NFL season. Sunday Night Football, the primetime matchup, it is a new era in Cardinals history. There is some history though with the number 46 and some players that wore it.

Let’s take a look.

  • The best player in Cardinals history to wear 46 was Tim McDonald. He wore 46 for his six seasons with the Cardinals and made three Pro Bowls in that time. He then went on to the San Francisco 49ers and won a Super Bowl. This was what happened to good players in Arizona back in the day. They had success in Arizona and then had to go elsewhere to have team success. Things are different now. Which is nice.
  • The last Arizona Cardinals player to wear 46 in the regular season was Alfonso Smith. He also wore a couple other numbers in Arizona.
  • Neil Lomax was sacked 46 times in 1988. Sadly we are not out of the top ten in sacked seasons for Arizona quarterbacks.
  • Matt Leinart’s QBR was 46.13 in 2009. I still don’t understand QBR.
  • Ottis Anderson holds the team record for rushing touchdowns in a career with 46. David Johnson has a real shot to get into the top 15 All Time this year for Cardinals rushing touchdowns, in basically one and a half seasons.
  • The phenomenal Aeneas Williams had 46 career interceptions with the Arizona Cardinals. Good for second in team history. What an amazing player, even in the dark times of this franchise they have been fortunate to be able to watch two of the greatest ever in Aeneas and Fitz.

Anymore 46’s?