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Tyler Nickel Talks Arizona Cardinals On Football Mecca Podcast

Revenge of the Birds writer Tyler Nickel jumped on The Football Mecca Podcast hosted by Matt Danely to talk some Arizona Cardinals football.

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Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everyone, hope your week is going well...

I was recently contacted by Matt Danely, host of The Football Mecca Podcast and writer at Currently, Matt is going through a series in which he devotes a podcast to each team in the NFL and has people that have some in depth knowledge about their team on the podcast.

So why he chose me, I am not quite sure.

Anyhow, give it a listen and tell us what you think. If you hate my voice, let it be known. If you think I'm stupid, that's cool, too. Either way, Arizona Cardinals training camp is only a couple days away and hopefully this gets you a little more amped for the start of that.