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The Arizona Cardinals Reddit Roast

What were some highlights from the Reddit Roast of the Arizona Cardinals? Check it out.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals are an easy target; they are the longest running NFL franchise and have had the least amount of success.

No team has more losses in its history than the Arizona Cardinals, and we as Cardinals fans are all aware that the team has never won a Super Bowl.

With all of that ammunition, I was a little disappointed in the Reddit Roast of the Arizona Cardinals.

There were definitely some extremely funny posts, but a lot of the tries fell short, similar to a Carson Palmer pass in the playoffs.

While it wasn't all bad, I can say that the lack of respect Arizona has earned from other NFL fans makes this task a little bit menial and unfortunately it showed on the roast.

Here are the highlights, in my mind.

Bills RichardArschmann 1359 points 20 hours ago 

The Cardinals are like Nazi Germany: their colors are red, white, and black, they believe in the supremacy of Arians, and their dreams of conquest are over by the time winter rolls in.

Patriots iwas-saying-boo-urns 305 points 20 hours ago* 

In the last five years more Houston Oilers jerseys have been sold than Cardinals

Cardinals StephenHarpersHair 725 points 21 hours ago 

This thread should be renamed to "University of Phoenix Stadium" because it'll be filled with fans of other teams.

Broncos Jux_ 615 points 21 hours ago 

The Cardinals have just had the most successful three year stretch in franchise history and have a 1-2 playoff record to show for it.

Patriots gnusmas- 245 points 20 hours ago* 

Thank you for subscribing to Arizona Cardinals facts:
The Arizona Cardinals were the first team in NFL history to surpass 700 losses.

The Detroit lions are next closest with 634 loses. Basically, the lions could go 0-16 for 5 more season and still will not not lose as many games as the cardinals.

With a current record of 535, wins and 724 losses (and ignoring their 39 ties), it would take just shy of 12 perfect seasons to become a .500 team.

The team's "winningest" coach is Ken Whisenhunt.....with a record of 45-51.

Panthers Bersinator 735 points 21 hours ago

Ryan Lindley started for you in the 2014 playoffs... and that wasn't even your worst playoff QB performance in the past 2 years.

Minizero 151 points 21 hours ago

I've been slowly watching 'All or Nothing' in my spare time, and I have to admit that it's really good. But please, Cardinal fans, no spoilers: I'm really excited to see how you guys make it to the superbowl.

Check it out on Reddit, there is a lot of Not Safe for Work posts, so please be warned and also please do no share them on the boards.