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Donald Butler and the fit with the Arizona Cardinals

What did the Arizona Cardinals get in veteran inside linebacker Donald Butler? I asked a Bolts from the Blue writer.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals made an addition to their roster on Wednesday in the form of veteran inside linebacker Donald Butler.  It was only two short off seasons ago that Butler was the bell of the off season ball.  He signed a huge contract with the Chargers that was front loaded through the first couple of seasons, and was all set to be the third highest paid inside linebacker in the NFL this year until he was cut.

What happened, what was the reason for the sudden change of heart by the Chargers?

Kyle Posey and I had a conversation about it:

"He was never good, fans thought he got paid then gave up. Nope, never was deserving to begin with."

Those are strong sentiments from Kyle, but his reasoning was backed up in several articles he wrote in 2014 about why he didn't want them to re-sign Butler and then we he did re-sign, why he was happy with the contract structure.

"Passive, bad instincts, iffy tackler and no awareness in coverage," Posey said.

There is always a reason guys get let go, Butler's was a combination of salary cap hit and lack of production after his payday, but there had to be something there, so I asked Kyle, "Based on your previous articles and statements now, it sounds like he's a splash type player who doesn't make the consistent plays?" Kyle's response, "That's fair."

So can the Arizona Cardinals expect a lot from Butler?

He is a good athlete who can make big plays, but do the Arizona Cardinals need that over the steadiness of Kevin Minter?

What are you thoughts, has Kyle been to harsh on Butler overall or are his concerns warranted?