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10 Weeks (70 Days) Until the Arizona Cardinals Season Opener

What are some stats to go with the number 70 for the Cardinals?

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

It is a short ten weeks until the Arizona Cardinals kick off the regular season against the New England Patriots, which means only 70 days until real football.

What are some stats that go with 70?

  • Bobby Massie was the man behind the 70, but was he the best to wear it?  LJ Shelton was pretty good in his time in Arizona, if underwhelming because of the draft position, but what about Derek Kennard and Don Owens?
  • Carson Palmer has thrown 70 career touchdowns with the Arizona Cardinals, putting him sixth all time in Cardinals history.  He should pass Jake Plummer (90) and has a chance to pass Kurt Warner (100) this year. To pass Charley Johnson (108) in 2016, he'd have to set a new career high and a break his record from 2015 and throw 39 touchdowns.
  • There is a large group of quarterbacks who have had quarterback ratings in the 70 to 70.6 range in Cardinals history: Boomer Esiason in 1996, Jim Hart in 1972, Sam Etcheverry in 1961, Josh McCown in 2003, Neil Lomax in 1982 and Dave Brown in 2000.
  • Matt Leinart's career passer rating was 70.8, Kent Graham's was 70.7. No wonder Leinart didn't last longer in the NFL.
  • Johnny Roland and LeShon Johnson had career long runs of 70 yards each. Johnson was a third round pick of the Packers in 1994, ended up in Arizona, ran for 715 yards and three touchdowns in his career here and then went to the Giants before his career was over.  I remember being excited about LeShon Johnson as a nine year old.  My kids have it much better than I did growing up as a Cardinals fan.
  • Frank Sanders, David Boston and Early Doucet each had career long receptions of 70 yards.  I always thought Doucet was going to be good.

Any more 70's?