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All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals Episode Three Review

We continue our review of each Episode, this time around we turn our sights to Episode Three.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The third episode in the eight episode installment featured some of the more memorable games for the Cardinals 2015 season. The Monday Night Football game against the Baltimore Ravens, the come from behind blowout of the Cleveland Browns, and the very entertaining contest against the Seattle Seahawks.

The title of Episode Three was appropriately named: "The Penthouse", showing just how the Cardinals rose from being a perennial bottom feeder, to the top of the NFL.

The episode opens up with an executive meeting discussing the loss to the Steelers, and BA's comments on Tyrann Mathieus mental error in the Steelers final touchdown to clinch the game.

It then moves to Lawrence Okoye talking trash with David Johnson about weight lifting, and how Okoye was released for parking in the wrong spot.

Buddy Morris talks with Bruce Arians to try and get him to slow down practice, but to no avail.

Brentson Buckner is definitely a coach them hard, love them later type coach, as he showed on a number of occasions in the series thus far, and really emphasized it in Episode Three, showing the Defensive Line clips from the 2014 home game against Seattle.

Michael Bidwill, shows a softer side, discussing his rescued dog Riley, and her lymphoma issues.

The episode covered Bruce Arians and Tyrann Mathieu's bond, and how they can both relate to taking advantage of second chances.

It showed Tyrann Mathieu on the phone with Michael Bidwill agreeing to roster bonuses and monthly drug tests, prior to his being drafted.

Bruce Arians had a segment during the Bye Week that showed his family first mentality.

"I tell my coaches, you miss a recital, piano, dance, whatever, football game, basketball game, I'll fire ya"

Arians showed some of his prior fashion choices... Thank goodness we're no longer in the 70's.

Steve Keim and Bidwill talk about their first introductions with Arians.

Bruce Arians and Pete Carroll exchange words about just how well Carson Palmer is performing.

They got Mike Iuapti's wife, Ashley, to recap her emotions during Mike Iupati's scary injury against the Seattle Seahawks.

Episode Three showed just how much the Cardinals wanted to win, and how much fight the team had in them when the games were tough. It showed the camaraderie the team had, and when one of their brothers went down, just how much they fought for him.