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Carson Palmer Doesn't See an End to His Career In Sight

The Arizona Cardinals quarterback has never felt better.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

There is a growing sentiment that a Super Bowl is all that is left for Carson Palmer to decide to call it a career, but his press conference to open training camp spoke more to a player who sees his career really just taking off.

"I feel as good as I've felt... Ever," Palmer said in his opening press conference.

Palmer talked about the last game and motivation "We don't need motivation...  it's a group that loves to work, that enjoys the game," and that is the reality of, everyone has a different way that they get ready, but focusing on the ending doesn't help.  They just know they have to get better.

Palmer also talked about John Elway and how he ended his career, using the word "special".  What we know about that ending was that Elway may not have been the same quarterback physically, especially for the second Super Bowl win, but he was still the same quarterback mentally, and was able to prepare, and get ready every week.  That still excites Palmer, and that is why he thinks it could be a couple more years for him in the NFL.

Whatever happens, there is no question that Palmer is ready for 2016 and to take the final step and get the Arizona Cardinals back to the Super Bowl.

Check out what Palmer had to say in his entire press conference.