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Arizona Cardinals Day Two Training Camp Open Thread

It is day two of the Arizona Cardinals training camp, here is an open thread to get all the information on what is going on at camp.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It is day two of the 2016 Arizona Cardinals training camp and things are already heating up.  Blake Murphy has all you need to know about day one, but here and here can give you some more day one from camp thoughts.

Today, well I think I figured out how to embed a Twitter link that will allow for some play by play of camp, so feel free to come in and skim between camp time and check out the going on.  Blake will be out today, and some guy named Jess Root will probably show up on the thread today.

Meanwhile, talk about everything that you are seeing in the comments, send in pictures and post your FanPost thoughts on what you witnessed at camp, and maybe your work can be on the front page like CardsRepInChile's is right now.

Thanks as always, and keep it civil in the discussion, remember, it is just practice.