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Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Battle is Fun to Watch

Even if Barkley and Coker do not factor into the 2016 season, their work through two days of training camp has been fun.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

There's a battle brewing in the Arizona Cardinals 2016 training camp, one that has zero bearing on 2016, but it's probably one of the only battles to watch.

Matt Barkley and Jake Coker go about playing quarterback in vastly different ways.

Through two practices the narratives of Barkley being a proficient short game passer is true. Our own Blake Murphy even raved about Barkley's seemingly improved arm strength. Yet he's living close to the line of scrimmage and through the check downs.

On the flip side we have Jake Coker. Coker has been showing off his arm strength at every opportunity, pushing the ball deep and showing a willingness that Bruce Arians loves in his quarterbacks. The issue, Coker has wild bouts of inconsistency, which is worse that Barkley's unwillingness or inability to push the ball down the field.

Interceptions and turnovers are a hallmark of any Arians offense (Palmer has spoiled us the last 25 regular season games), but missing throws in open windows, with little to no true pass rush, it doesn't lend itself to being a successful quarterback.

That's the battle for both signal callers and it's been fun to watch through two days.

Take a look at Blake Murphy's Facebook video on the Revenge of the Birds page to see some of the action from 7 on 7.