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All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals Episode Four Review

Coming off the win over the Seattle Seahawks, there was a lot to look forward to, including Carson Palmer's showdown with Cincinnati

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There's an amazing cold open in episode four with Carson Palmer, Darren Fells and Jermaine Gresham talking about who the best basketball players on the team are. The highlight is when Gresham tells Palmer that Matt Barkley is better than him, which Carson responds by just walking away.

He comes back and they discuss whether or not Larry Fitzgerald would be a good basketball player, discuss the strength of Calais Campbell and how you wouldn't want to pass him the ball.

It's these light hearted looks that take All or Nothing from a football show to a show about people playing football.

It's then that we see the week of the Bengals game and what it meant to Carson Palmer.

You see the relationship between Palmer and Arians and why both have blossomed in the desert.

The Bengals game was a fantastic look at the ebbs and flows of the Carson Palmer era in Arizona. It started out rough, but then Palmer regroups and the team begins to roll. From the game you see how much Arians trust his team and how he doesn't believe in playing it safe.

We also see how close Ted Larsen was to losing his job if he would have been called to that false start penalty.

The aftermath of the Bengals game was really intriguing because Frostee Rucker was injured in the game and was going to miss a couple weeks.

We learned about the "ready list" that the Cardinals professional scouts keep in order to address any needs that arise. It is awesome to see the depths of what happens behind the scenes and this is just a snippet of it, but it creates even more of an understanding.

That led to another amusing aspect, the desire to play for the Arizona Cardinals is a real thing. The Cardinals called Red Bryant in the middle of the woods and he dropped what he was doing, drove to the airport and flew to Arizona in order to get his tryout. Oh, did we mention, it was Thanksgiving day?

We know the Cardinals signed Bryant, but the desire to be apart of what Arizona was building is incredible.

Oh, Patrick Peterson and his wife welcomed their daughter to the world on Thanksgiving.

The Cardinals then travel to San Francisco to play the 49ers and we see what happens when a team just isn't ready. Bruce Arians talked about it pre game, but you see it manifest and that is fascinating to see a coach understand his team.

It's also great to see post game Patrick Peterson call for accountability on the defense, no Monday off, instead they'll meet and go over film at 11 am because things are not good enough.

Quick Hitters:

Red Bryant had one pair of clothes when Arizona called, the one he was wearing and it wasn't a guaranteed contract.

Carson Palmer's "spike" made an appearance... if that's what we're calling it.

There was a big focus on Palmer and his son, Fletch as well as Peterson and his new daughter Paityn, again showing that these guys are humans, not just football players.