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Arizona Cardinals have three rising stars in the NFLPA Top 50

What Arizona Cardinals are the most marketable and ready to explode? The NFLPA announced their list for 2016

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Players Association has release their annual "Rising 50" list which is a list of players "best positioned to rank among top-sellers of all officially licensed merchandise."  In order to make an appearance on the list "players must not have appeared in previous NFLPA Top 50 Player Sales quarterly lists. The NFLPA Rising 50 is updated annually."

For the Arizona Cardinals, they have three players on the "Rising 50" list: David Johnson (11), Tyrann Mathieu (14) and Patrick Peterson (29).

A couple of things immediately jump out on this list, first that Peterson is not one of the top performing sales in the NFL already is a travesty to just how good he has been in his career.  While Tyrann Mathieu not making big sales yet is less surprising, I was surprised to see his number at 14, although he is the second highest rated defender on the list, behind new Washington corner Josh Norman.

Finally, seeing David Johnson ranked as highly as he is shows the NFL's need for young talent at the running back position, but Johnson at 11 puts him behind Todd Gurley (fair at 1 on the list), Thomas Rawls (3rd, huh) and rookie Ezekiel Elliot (5).  I understand Gurley and Elliot, Gurley is the most dynamic young runner in the NFL in a new city, he will be the focal point of the Rams merchandising, along with Jared Goff (ranked 4th) and Elliot plays for maybe the most popular team in the NFL, so he'll be a huge star til he is not.

Rawls though, shows the gap between Arizona and Seattle still when it comes to overall appeal, as Rawls wasn't better than Johnson and he has more competition to take carries, but his name will be on a Seahawks jersey.  Hopefully, that continues to change this year with Arizona Cardinals merchandise growing.